The Melancholy of a Dumpster

7 07 2008

Here’s another thing I wrote a while ago…not sure I was drunk or not.

The Melancholy of a Dumpster

Put it in. Walk away. No looking back.
Push it. Squeeze it in. Fill it up. No turning back.
All that I am. This is me. Oh yeah go ahead. Please feel free.
No regrets. No apology. Just sew me up. No autopsy.

My body is an undiscovered dumpster. Just a mystery.
Fill with lust. All the rush. Passionately but no intimacy.


I died all day but at 4 AM, I was born again.
Just one or two hours of rest, was that an entertain?
I waited for you to do it again.
Put it in. Walk away. No looking back.
….exactly the same.