Used to be my interest…

15 02 2010

I don’t know why I used to interest in this group of people. Kogal, Ganguro & Yamanba. But I was sooooo fascinated by their looks and how brave they are putting themselves out there like this.
And I happened to see them ‘live’ while I was in Japan a couple year ago. But they were all MEN. I think there’s a specific word for that but couldn’t remember.
Well, for me? It might be fun to be like them once in a lifetime. Definitely.


Mostly by LaChapelle.

22 11 2008

These fabulous pictures were mostly taken by David LaChapelle, my favorite photographer.

They’re sexy, colourful, loud, fierce, funny, sarcastic and of course very , very gay.

Most of these pictures are quite old. I’ll try to snatch his latest works later.

This song might go well with this slide show,

Chromeo – Tenderoni

Other pictures that were not taken by LaChapelle appear here for just one reason….

the guys in those pictures are soooo damn hot!!! 😉