Something I wrote when I’m drunk

8 06 2008

I always feel a little bit ‘artistic’ when I’m drunk (but not super drunk). Here’s some silly thing I furiously wrote…….Oh, drama, drama, drama.

One Mistake Led to an Endless Mistake.

It was just a mistake.

He said ‘Oh, I’m sorry, I really didn’t mean to spread your legs’.

Well, haha, I wanted to laugh my jaw break.

‘Cause all he said, couldn’t compare to what I’ve already hated.

Damn it! I admitted I quite had some fun.

But when it was over, I wondered what I had done.

“Yeah, Yeah, baby, it’s all good, it’s over hun.”

I looked inside my bag, grabbed a gun and smiled when that bastard ran.

So I’m now alone in the dark.

Seeing myself in a mirror, the devil appears behind me and asks;

“How are you doing, son?”

I reply in a sudden, “Look at me, Do I look like I’m having fun?”

“I know you don’t, my son”, he roars.

“That’s why I’m giving you more”


That’s it.

It’s a bit like Fiona Apple meets early Alanis Morissette.

Well, except it’s much, much sillier.