Extra – by Miranda July & Roe Ethridge for Vice Magazine

4 01 2010

I just happened to find this amazing article in a magazine, Bioscope today and I couldn’t get it out of my mind.
I have to post this amazing work of Miranda July which some have known her from her wittingly, sweet & bizarre film ‘You And Me And Everyone We Know’.
This is the work she’s done with Roe Ethridge for Vice Magazine.
Here’s the text on this article that really boost me up during my downtime.

“Dear Julie,
Do you ever feel like an extra in your own life?
It seems like I’m forever stuck in the background,
watching people say and do all the things I feel inside.
One day I’m gonna surprise everyone with my talents.
They will be laughing and crying and texting me so often
that I will be annoyed. Until then,

One thing I learn from this is, don’t treat anyone like an extra and you’re the only superstar in your life. Everyone has their own stories. Stop talking only your own story, be a good listener and let others shine sometimes. Maybe you’d find that it could be good to be an extra for a change.




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