Yearning To Get Back

9 06 2008

Although I can call myself as an actor-slash-performer-slash-dancer, I haven’t been on stage for quite a while. More than two years to be exact.

The reasons?

I was quite bored of it. I was bored of never-ending rehearsals (after my day job from 8-11 pm) every single day. I was bored of no matter how much energy you put into the show, the audience numbers never grow. Most of all, I was bored of my life. I thought I’ve spent too much time for theatre and never had a chance to do something else. I thought theatre was one hella good reason that I couldn’t find a (proper) boyfriend.

Two years later without any performances, I am still single.

After my intention to put theatre aside, I spent a lot of time partying. Party, party & partaay. Sure, it’s fun and great. I get to meet lot of new friends. But every time I saw my friends still living their dreams in theatre and kept doing better and better, I got jealous. When I saw them perform, I always imagine what if I am in that play…What would I do? How would I dance? That scene might be better if it had my idea adding into it…etc.

So in fact, I’ve never put theatre aside after all. It’s always with me. It’s one of my passion for more than 12 years. And It always will be.

I should get back to do it soon, really, before I get too old.

Desire can live forever but your body can’t.


Quote, Quote & Quote

8 06 2008

“No one is thinking about you. They’re thinking about themselves, just like you”

“No one is watching you, just go with the flow and enjoy it”

“Never panic. Stop, Breathe, Think”

“Never change haircut or colour before an important event”

“Nothing is either as bad or as good as it seems”

The 4th one is so true. I always do that. It’s right every damn words!