A Midnight Weep For 0:00 Cowboy

1 07 2008

I just saw the 1969 Oscar winning film an hour and a half ago.
It’s called ‘Midnight Cowboy’.

I’ve heard about this movie for such a long time, but didn’t have a chance to see it.
But when I finished watching it, I continued crying for about 5 minutes which rarely happened to me.
It was directed by the late-openly-gay director John Schlesinger.
I have no idea why I was so touched.

I’d rather skip through the plot here because it can be seen everywhere on the net.
Although it’s not claimed as a gay movie, many people think that it is because it’s the story of an unlikely bond between two men.
They’re not gay. They love women. The movie shows us so clear about that.
All we see is they help each other through ups and downs, be there in sickness, sharing happiness, caring for each other, think of each other, stealing things (or killing?) just for the other half.

All of these, how could you not think that they love each other way beyond friendship?
Is it possible to love someone without sexual intimacy?

But personally, gay or not gay, I think the overall feeling in this film is too good to point to any sex genres. They’re just two lonely people in a big crazy city. They don’t fit in. The don’t have anything else besides each other.

Is that what we all looking for?

….there….I’m now having a big sigh.

Midnight Cowboy Trailer

Amazing music from the film