11 06 2008

I feel a little bit awkward writing here and use only I, I, I. Well, ok, it’s true that this is the blog that probably only me will read it but still, I can’t help but feel narcissism. So last night, I had a funny thought that maybe I should change from ‘I’ to ‘he’, so it’d be like writing a character.

‘He’ is going to start now.

Last night he had his first encounter as a special guest in the grand opening for a pretty upscale male skincare. The brand’s name is Task Essential and it’s a product line from Switzerland that his friend is a Brand Manager. At the very first that she contacted him to be one of her guests, he felt hesitating. He replied in quite a sudden that he couldn’t do it because he thought that he was a nobody, not a special one that should represent the product.

Yeah, this is the brand.

One hour and a half later with the promising of the products 10,000 Baht worth , and countless of drinks. He shamelessly agreed to do it.

The event was quite upscale as he expected. It was held at the Grand Sheraton Hotel, Bangkok. Many guests attended since 7 pm including a bunch of his friends and familiar faces. He was a little bit nervous at the beginning. So, as soon as he stepped inside the place, he was ordering drink. The drink was called ‘Woo Woo’, what a crazy name, he thought, but the taste was quite ok so he kept it coming. After 6 or 7 glasses of ‘Woo Woo’, it was time for him to hit the stage. And then everything just went ‘Woo Hoo’, it was quick and he barely remember anything.

Trying to be ‘somebody’

Yes, nothing really exciting here. No embarrassing moment in public (which should be). He just went straight home afterward and excite himself with all those products. And to be honest, he barely used them.