Climbing Up A Stairway

24 06 2008

During the process of Silent Noise, we also did another performance in the name of The International Wow Company. It’s called ‘Stairway To The Stars’. Imagine how crazy we were trying to do two big, brand-new productions at the same time? Yes, indeed. We were young, full-of-energy & totally out of our minds.

‘Stairway To The Stars’ was, yet again, a collaboration between Thai members, US members & a dance group from Japan led by Lee. The process of work was simple for us Thai. We separated into groups, solo, duo, trio or whatever and was given a task or a certain theme to create & develop into a short piece of performance. Then, we sewn them altogether. Thai members were familiar with this kind of work because we had done this since the very beginning of the company. But, unfortunately, the Japanese didn’t get it. They came from a dance & butoh background so they didn’t have no clue how would we glue all of pieces together and made it make sense. But, the show had already been started and Japanese never gave up. They continued doing it and we had a fight from time to time but everything resolved when the show was on stage.

For me, I had a great time doing this piece. I was lucky teaming up with two great female Japanese dancers, Sawami Fukuoka & Michie (sorry Michie, I really can’t remember your last name…it’s been a long time!). We created a piece which we were aliens. It was so much fun working & sharing weird & funny ideas with these two girls. I remembered when we had to show our piece to other group. We were rolling on the empty, dirty, narrow street. Then, we were dancing on the side way of the main street while other group watching on the other side and people on motorcycles were riding by and taking a strange glance at us like, ‘what the hell you’re doing’. It was such a great memory.

and here’s the contact sheet of all photos I’ve had.

Contact Sheet


Silent Noise

11 06 2008

As I said before that I was so proud of this performance. I found some pictures from the show which were shot by Lee-San himself.

The process of shooting was easy. He played the videotape (errrr….10 years ago? we had no DVD at that time) and shot directly at the TV screen. At the time of our performance, for some reasons, we forgot to do a photo call! What a shame. But For me personally, I prefer this way because they look raw and have an ‘indie’ feeling. The first photo was directly from my scene. The second one was from P’Jay’s scene. And the last one, one of my favorite scences of the show, was P’Bow.

And the next photo is my selling shot. I do look like a tiger or….a dog. And it’s not from the makeup like it seems. I think it was from the lighting and the camera angle.

Well, I prefer look like a tiger than a dog, actually. Grrrrrrrrr….

Nightmare Fever

8 06 2008

Due to the new addiction to my new blog I just created, I’ve been searching for stuff to put on here. I decided to make this blog a collective of my memorable moments, people, places & things. Just in case I turn 60 and can’t remember shit, hopefully I’ll remember this blog and might bring me back home.

Anyway, through my searching, I found this.

“Silent Noise”, a collaboration between Dance Rhizome (Japan) and members of the International Wow Company @ Kad Theatre, Chiang Mai. 1999

This performance really stucks in my memory. It’s a scene from the Butoh performance called ‘Silent Noise’, created by Dance Rhizome’s Ryoiji Oka (Lee) – a well-known Butoh master. It was a collaborative dance piece which each performers would transform their weirdest, scariest nightmares into a dance scene. During the rehearsal stage, it was my first time to encounter such a extraordinary workshop. One of his method was a body contact. You had to lie on other performer’s body and feel each other breath. Trust me, it was very, very uncomfortable but I had a great time and actually really want to work with this group more.

The performance surprisingly turned out to be so great. At first, I had no idea how it would turn out because it was my first time experiencing Butoh dance and we had such a short time rehearsing. But after the show, many people gave us a great comment. Even my acting teacher – Ajarn Jiraporn, said it was one of her greatest experiences in theatre.

Yes, I’m so proud of it.